PARK COMPLEX NAMED AFTER HEYDAR ALIYEVIn the entrance of Heydar Aliyev Park Complex in Ganja the marvelous 40 meter high Triumph Arches meets the visitors. The foundation stone of the park was laid on January 21, in 2012 and after 2 years on the same day President Ilham Aliyev opened the park. President Ilham Aliyev said these words in the meeting with the community representatives of Ganja City:

“We have come to the opening of this magnificent Heydar Aliyev Center. I congratulate you and all the inhabitants of Ganja on this wonderful occasion.

Exactly 2years ago – on January 21, in 2012 the foundation stone of this park was laid. It is a nice coincidence that exactly after 2 years we celebrate the opening of this park and this magnificent center. The establishment of this park and center is a great event. The magnificent center is a beautiful monument to the great leader’s memory, all the moments and stages of the great leader’s life and activity are reflected here. At the same time, there are great opportunities for holding any international event.


There are several large parks in the world. One of them is the park of Ganja. The park of Ganja is already among the five largest parks of the world. Of course, this delights all of us- not only the inhabitants of Ganja but also all the Azerbaijani people, because the establishment of such a magnificent park and center in an empty area is the sign of Ganja people’s love towards their land.

Hereinafter, the renovation work will be carried out. Thousands, may be ten thousands of trees have been planted and these trees will gradually grow, new trees will be planted, new buildings will be built. A wonderful lake, an amphitheatre has been established. This is really a miracle. I am sure that while Ganja people and the guests of the city come here, they will leave with the most pleasant impressions. Ganja people, especially local executive power and activists have tried hard in implementation of such a magnificent project. This is really a wonderful event. Once more I congratulate you on this wonderful occasion.”


In the park ten thousands of trees, bushes and flowers have been planted. A beautiful lake and an amphitheatre were established. The giant park complex with a length of more than 2 kilometers is always attractive. The rarest species of plane trees with their spring life in autumn and winter give the park a special impetus.

PARK COMPLEX NAMED AFTER HEYDAR ALIYEVThe latest achievements of urban planning architecture, as well as qualitative and modern materials are used in the building of Heydar Aliyev Center. The national architectural elements of the building which are professionally used on the façade of the building attract attention. The center is surrounded by octagon columns along the perimeter. A glass ceiling is installed in the three-storeyed center. The map of Azerbaijan is reflected on the ceiling. It is possible to get information about H. Aliyev’s childhood and youth as well as all the periods of his rich activity in the museum.

A café, an entertainment center, a recreation center, bicycle rental station and also various entertainment attractions for children operate in the complex. All the 17 fountains and 32 decorated corner skivers which begin from the entrance of the park and extend till the center are more beautiful than one another. The world of unusual looking olive trees and flowers surrounding them begin after them.


Luxurious lights are also marvelous. There are lights with high marble pillars as well as exotic lights. Little candlesticks which light the trees, beautiful poles, balloons, seven-colored lights that charm the fountains are very attractive.

In the evenings the lights looking like the burning flames on the 22 poles of the amphitheatre which holds 5 thousand spectators shoot an ancient pattern to the modern look as a part of our national spiritual values. The flowers around the lights keep a man’s soul so alive that one can not take eyes off them. The amphitheatre with its beautiful stage and with all kinds of conditions for the performers gives pleasure demonstrating harmony and beauty of stones. The most popular singers as well as new beginners have performed at the amphitheatre.

If you want to cycle the seven – kilometer comfortable road is at your disposal. If you want to walk the lane with green pine trees will guide you.

If you dream to watch the park from height your desire will be realized. The height of the Triumph Arches which was built in the area of 110 square kilometers is 40 meters. It consists of 7 floors, 6 open balconies. There is a 35meters high little square here to watch around.


In the Youth House which was built in the style of modern architecture, meeting halls for holding various events, military patriotism center, career centers, and studios have been established. Here operates a library, café, hotel and other social services. In the Youth House all the necessary conditions have been created for the young people to engage in different subjects, to spend their leisure time effectively, to support their projects and initiatives.

“Ganjland” (‘Youthland’) which encloses more than 7 hectare area and built in open air has come to an end during 2 years. An amphitheatre was built for children in “Ganjland”. Performances are shown on different days of the week. Except this, 20 different attractions are installed in the area of the recreation center. 50 meter high merry-go-round being first in the Western region as well as am American attraction was put to use of those who want to entertain and who are adrenaline amateurs.


“Ganjland” with the heroes of the fairy tales managed to enter the world of the children’s interest. 60 animal figures, matador, shepherd, cowboy and other statues were as if to take the children to travel in the world of fairy tales. An autodrome with 15 cars and a playground operates in this little fairy tale campus.